By law, economic entities have the obligation to organize and manage accounting by specialized departments or by outsourcing the accounting processes. Accounting serves for many purposes within a corporation, including exhaustive (fully) record of transactions with the external environment of the company to establish the financial position and earnings or to provide financial information to third parties, especially the shareholders. Accounting is also important to provide evidence in court and before the tax authorities, to serve in the decision – making process and to provide data for compiling national statistics.

Accounting data is used in various departments of the companies and by various user categories such as managers, investors, shareholders, banks, suppliers, clients, employees or the tax authority.

The law prescribes a minimum structure for the balance sheet in the income statement. When preparing them both, it’s important to comply with the principles of orderly principles of accounts: clarity, completeness, prudence, continuity etc. Holding companies that exercise control over one or more other companies and in addition meet two of the following criteria: total assets of more than 10 million CHF, turnover of more than 20 million CHF or more than 200 employees, are required to prepare consolidated financial statements yearly.

We provide accounting services for various types of companies and firms. Our services include all levels, form bookkeeping to debtors control, stock control, trial balance stage and more. We also handle all your accounting need in terms of financial and property accounting of the sole proprietorship to international corporations. The accounting services include:

  • Financial management
  • Creation of financial statements, interim financial statements, annual reports
  • Financial accounting, vendor and customer securities, payroll services
  • VAT, SUVA, AHV and other accounts
  • Financial planning and controlling